Pub, Pints and CBD

Can CBD Help Addiction?

Going to the local waterhole with your mate and ordering a pint at the pub – having a little tipple! You’re maybe a non smoker, social smoker or just a smoker, you have probably noticed when people have a drink, they love to head to the beer garden to have a cigarette. Sitting outside and sipping away, the amount of people who start craving a cigarette increases.

Why is this? 

Researchers at the University of Missouri say: “One reason why people use nicotine, a stimulant, with alcohol is to enhance recreational or pleasurable sensations while suppressing alcohol’s aversive effects such as sleepiness. Due to this people who don’t normally smoke start to feel the need to, alongside people who regularly smoke, smoke more.

How does CBD come into play?

We did some research at the pub with George Botanicals CBD isolate vape. Over a course of 4 sessions at the pub, each Saturday for a month we headed to the pub for a few drinks. We had the vape at hand if people wanted to try and have a puff. If a subject had a craving for a cigarette, instead try the CBD vape and see if that helps. From what we noticed, that craving for an enhanced sensation whilst drinking was diminished. That craving appeared less and the negative of feeling sleeping when drinking was decreased due to the CBD.

Nicotine addiction is the hardest part for users to quit smoking cigarettes. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that more people are addicted to nicotine than any other drug. Scientists tested the effectiveness of inhaled CBD on people who were trying to quit smoking. In the study there were 24 participants and half were given a CBD to vape and the other half were given a placebo. The study found that the twelve which where given CBD their smoking was reduced by 40 percent. The other half who were given a placebo their smoking habit did not go down. 

With that in mind, we experienced a similar thing when bringing the CBD vape to the pub. It seemed that CBD was a great tool to help combat people’s need to smoke alongside a drink. What we learnt is that CBD have potential to aid people’s nicotine habit and addiction by channeling it to a healthier option.  With smoking containing over 7,000 plus chemicals compared to the CBD vape having a very low level of toxicity.

What we think…

Here at CBD radar we recommend trying out George Botanicals CBD isolate as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. If you are someone who is wanting to cut down on their habit, the isolate can help with reducing cravings, especially if you find at the pub your cravings increase when drinking. CBD can provide you a similar sensation to nicotine, as CBD can help you relax. One of the common reasons why smokers have a cigarettes is due to it helping them calm down in stressful situations.  That relaxing sensation can be achieved by a healthier alternative, try CBD vaping instead of nicotine and tobacco based products – Your lungs will thank you!