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Four Five CBD 1000 milligram 30 ml spray bottle is a perfect solution for an user who is wanting zero THC and legitimate CBD oil. The product was created by the Rugby stars George Kruis and Dom Day who have both played for England, Wales and the English Premiership club Saracens. As CBD has shown positive success in sport with: muscle recovery, pain relief and containing anti-inflammatory properties. It has become a great solution to aid athletes. Due to this the Saracens players saw an opportunity in the market to create a CBD brand aimed at athletes. 

Third Party Testing

Like George Kruis and Dom Days intensive training programmes. The product has gone through rigorous third party lab tests. Alongside, the company working with the banned substance sporting community to get their product just right. It maybe a product designed with athletes in mind however, it is a product which non athletes can enjoy. Four Five CBD offers full spectrum CBD oil, zero THC CBD oil and topical rubs. Each range of products are always third party tested, allowing the lab reports to be non bias. Due to this you’re guaranted to have the right amount of CBD in the product. Unlike high street brands where studies have shown little to non CBD in their products. 

Zero THC and Aiding Anxiety

In our video review we reviewed their 1000mg 30ml zero THC bottle. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis which causes people to get high. THC is also a banned substance within professional sports. Even if you are not an athlete this is a great product for you to try. Many people take CBD for anxiety, however the content of CBD may contain trace amounts THC. In the UK the legal threshold is 0.2%. With that said, it is known that THC can induce low levels of anxiety to people who are sensitive to it. So a product which doesn’t contain THC makes the CBD oil a fantastic oil for people who are sensitive to THC. However, if you want that full spectrum dosage Four Five CBD still offers an oil with THC. 

MCT oil and Taste

The oil uses MCT as its carrier oil. MCT is derivative of coconut oil which makes a lighter taste as well as making it sweeter than your full spectrum chlorophyll filled CBD oils. Which tend to be stronger and bitter in taste. Four five CBD oil is a lot thinner under the tongue, due to no chlorophyll present and the use of a spray bottle. Our reviewer found that the spray bottle aided absorption rate. Due to the spray spreading the oil over a large surface area under your tongue. 


Overall, the product is designed to aid muscle recovery during a hard intense match or either after a heavy gym session. With CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties it helps with aches, pain and swelling. Besides this it helps with reducing anxiety and more… This product does not have to be for an athlete, but it can also work for you. Improving the the way you work out, or just add it to your everyday routine. With that said, our reviewer found it better for muscle recovery than a protein shake!

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