Review of Eir Health No. 3 & No. 6 CBD Oil




Eir health Review: we really like this brand as they are very clear cut. With the bottles having a beautiful minimal design and easy to read instructions printed on the product. All the information is on the back of the bottle with instructions: i.e how much to take of the oil (1 mil of a full dropper). The minimal bottles are really easy to read and understand.

Number 6 bottle being 600milligrams worth CBD in a 30ml bottle. Alongside the number 3 bottle being 300 milligrams of CBD. The bottles unfortunately do n0t have percentages of CBD on their labels, which could make it harder for some users to work out their dosages.

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Eir Health No.3 black bottle minimal design
Eir Health No.3 black bottle minimal design Eir Health No. 3 and No.6 and No.30 bottle No.3 box with bottle

Strength of Hemp oil

However, with simple math you can easily work out the percentage of CBD in the bottle. If in a 10ml you have 10% CBD it means you have a 1000milligrams worth of CBD diluted into the carrier oil. With that in mind, if the bottle was 30ml and content of CBD is 600milligram you would have 2% of CBD with in the solution. 

Note: A carrier oil is the solution the CBD is added to, in this case organic MCT Oil.

Full Spectrum CBD oil

Both CBD oil tinctures are both full spectrum products. This means you will benefit with other cannabinoids present in the oil alongside tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the psychoactive compound in cannabis. However, it is at the legal 0.2% trace amounts, so not enough to make a subject feel high. With that in mind, it will allow users to benefit from entourage effects.

Another positive about the products being in larger bottles is you simply have more. If you need to get up to a higher dosage, you can just take more of the oil to increase your total CBD intake. With the solution being full spectrum the colour of the oil is darker and richer in colour. Pure, full-spectrum and full-plant CBD oil are thicker and more viscous compared to filtered hemp oils. Overall leaving the products with a rich earthy hemp flavour. This can be hard to pallet for some people who are first trying CBD oil and hemp oil products. However, over time new users can get more used to the flavour and enjoy it. 

The Box

On the boxes they have really easy to understand infographics to identifying exactly what’s in the product and how it is produced. 100% organically farmed, GMP certified, highest quality Co2 extraction and third-party lab tested. On Eir Health’s website you can easily find the test results for each product making the brand very traceable. 


Overall the price of each bottle is fairly priced with Eir Health’s number 3 bottle costing €28 and €48 for the number 6 bottle. The 30ml bottles should last each user between a month to two months depending on your tolerance and how much your dosage is. With that in mind, you’re going to get a lot of use out of these products.


From reviewing the product over 3 weeks weeks our experience was that the hemp oil helped to take the edge off my day! We loved the rich earthy taste of the good quality tinctures. The oils were effective however, due to tolerance the number 6 one worked better. However, if you are new to trying CBD oil/hemp oils we recommend starting with the number 3 bottle and working your way up to the number 6 and so on…

To conclude, the products are great for users to measure out their dosage and keep gage of how much CBD they take each day. We have have added a discount code and link below to allow you to purchase the oils at a cheaper price.  

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