Dr ED 10% Calm CBD For Anxiety




Dr. ED CBD calm 10% 1000 milligram bottle was a fantastic product and we really love reviewing it. The product came in a 10ml bottle and on the front label was written calm. Reasons behind why the CBD oil was marketed as calming product was due to terpenes.

So what are terpenes – terpenes are natural oils which was secreted by herbs, plants, spices and also cannabis and hemp. The natural oil which is secreted gives off aromas and defines the taste of plants. In this case they have used a terpenes blend which gives the CBD oil a signature citrus taste.

However, it also can modify the effects of how the CBD oil responds to your receptors in your brain. In this case the terpenes cause the subject to feel more calm.

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Dr. Ed calm 10 percent bottle

What is in the CBD oil?

The product also uses MCT oil as the carrier oil which is derived from coconuts. Within the oil the product contains other cannabinoids: CBD CBG CBV CBC and CBDA which makes it a broad spectrum. Multiple cannabinoids present allows users to achieve an entourage effect. What is an entourage effect? It is when there are other cannabinoids present, which causes the cannabinoids to work together allowing them to respond to your endocannabinoid system more efficiently. Due to this you are going to get a better  overall result.

Alongside this, with the product using MCT oil as the carrier oil it and Co2 filtration. It stops it from being waxy from chlorophyll. With that in mind, the sweet citrus taste from Dr. Ed’s signature terpene blend allows the product to be defined as a completely different product, compared to other CBD oils on the market.

Dr Ed’s CBD oil probably the best tasting oils we have tested to date, we really highly recommend it on taste alone. However, how much does it cost?


The CBD oil costs £79.99 and when it comes to other CBD products this product is in the upper bracket of price ranges. To compare you can spend £80 on a CBD oil product and get a 30 ml bottle which is going to have a longer lifespan. On the back of the label it says this product has 14 servings. Which would last a user two weeks, if they are taking it every single day.


Nonetheless, the oil is a really great quality product. We really loved trying out the non-GMO, not tested on animals, non-waxy tasting oil. The product was extremely effective in making the user feel calm throughout his day, whilst improving his wellbeing and reducing his overall anxiety.

This product has been one of the best CBD oils for anxiety we have tested. Dr. Ed has other products which range from 5% to 2.5% from calm, relief, focus and energetic. We recommend trying the 5% oil first if you haven’t tried CBD tinctures before.

Reasons why we have given the product 4 stars is just because of the price tag. It is a really high-quality, however, the price tag makes it not as accessible for all. If you do want to try the product follow the ‘buy now’ link below.

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